“Chiara and Zak have an amazing program that they tailor to match rider goals and, more importantly, your horse’s well-being. They were invaluable support in figuring out my gelding’s health issues, and that’s aside from the amazingly thorough horseback riding and general horsemanship lessons they offer. Cannot recommend them enough.”

- Suzanne C

“Insight Equine is a gem in the world of equine sports. Zak and Chiara make such an amazing team, focusing on horsemanship and teamwork supported by years of experience and training. They truly put the horse first, which is so important in this industry.

Zak began working with our troubled young horse who was tossed aside by many previous owners because he was unhappy and untrustworthy…many called him downright dangerous. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me our horse is unrecognizable from before he was in training with Zak, I could buy even more horses! Zak has an uncanny ability to read and understand horses, and is so incredibly patient, caring and honest. You can tell he truly loves working with these animals and bringing out their best. He also taught my daughter so much about horsemanship, and spent hours upon hours answering our questions. He is absolutely incredible!

Chiara is a priceless asset to the equestrian industry. She is a very talented rider, a detailed saddle fitter, a great riding coach, an animal advocate…the list goes on and on. She has such a warm and encouraging spirit, which makes learning from her so comfortable. Once our horse had “graduated” Zak’s program, Chiara worked with my daughter and horse to find the perfect saddle for the pair. Every equestrian knows how important saddle fit is. What you might not know is how incredibly tedious and detailed getting the proper fit can be. Chiara spent multiple days with us not only making sure we had the right tracings and measurements, but also trying to find us the best fitting saddle at a great price. And no, she’s not sponsored or paid by any of the popular French saddle conglomerates, so her opinion is unbiased! 😉

We could not be more grateful for Zak and Chiara, and Insight Equine. I recommend their services at least once a week, because that’s how many people take notice in the difference in my daughter and her horse. We are so thankful to have found them!

If you’ve ever had second thoughts about taking lessons, learning about horses, or finding a barn to call home, I promise you - you will fit in at Insight Equine and become a better horse person than you even expected!”

- Jessica C 

“I feel very fortunate to be training with Chiara and Zak.  Their expertise in groundwork, biomechanics, and saddle fit is hugely beneficial to my horse and myself.”

- Caroline C 

“I met Zak and Chiara when I went to live for a few years in Colorado from England. 

I had the best learning experience from them both, as they come at things from different angles, but always compliment each other’s training. When having my lessons with either one, they treated you as if you were the only rider they had on their books!

As a person, who can tend to get a bit fearful, they were the best at teaching me from where I was at, working with me to get the best skills and enjoyment out of my riding. 

Before I left Colorado, I had adopted a little mustang, with Zak’s help, and had rides in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains! And for an English lady, that was a dream come true! I’ll be forever grateful to them both. 

(And the help doesn’t stop, even though I’ve returned to my English horsey life)”

- Penny J 

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