Saddle Fit Evaluation

Saddle Fit Evaluation


Chiara Poscente is a Certified Equine Ergonomist through the SaddleFit4Life Program.

Equine ergonomics uses the laws of science and nature to evaluate saddle fit to horse, saddle fit to rider and the physical connection between horse and rider with the saddle as the interface.

During her 80 point static and dynamic evaluation, Chiara aims to provide solutions for poor saddle fit and to educate owners/riders on equine and human anatomy, how to recognize signs of poorly fitting tack as well as provide guidance on purchasing new saddles.

Signs of Poor Saddle Fit to Horse:

Tight/sore back
Stumbling, tripping
Difficulty recovering after jumps
Difficulty picking up a canter lead
Muscle atrophy/deformation
Balking, bucking, crow-hopping, rearing, kicking out at the leg
Biting/kicking during saddling
Hollow Transitions
Head tossing, difficulty engaging, reluctance to move forward, inability to correctly engage

Signs of Poor Saddle Fit to Rider:

Low back pain
Sore/cramping hips
Difficulty establishing and maintaining a correct plumb line
Pumping/unstable lower leg
Difficulty recovering after jumps
Difficulty sitting the trot

“Dressage is the art of putting one crooked body on top of another crooked body and making them both straight.”
- Richard Weis