Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

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At Insight Equine, we believe that there is a renaissance happening within the equestrian industry. More and more people are searching for Connection with the Horse and are stepping away from traditional training methods and mentalities. Our mission is to explore the infinite possibilities of harmony between horse and rider while maintaining equine welfare in all areas.  

There is no such thing as a naughty horse, though they certainly can be cheeky! 

When a horse is expressing an undesirable behavior, they are trying to tell us something the only way that they know how. Maybe he has an undiagnosed lameness, an ulcerated mouth, or a poorly fitting saddle. Maybe she is confused or overwhelmed and simply does not understand what is being asked of her. Maybe his rider is heavy-handed or loud with their aids. Maybe there are holes in the foundational training or a lack of preparation for the job they are being asked to do. 

Every behavior has an explanation and our job as the trainer/instructor is to help horses and riders connect by being comfortable in their bodies, at peace in their minds, and able to communicate in a language of mutual respect, trust, and understanding. 

No matter the riding discipline, goal, or pursuit, horses value peace above all else and this is what we strive to provide for them. While we take horsemanship very seriously, we believe in the importance of having both horse and human prosper in their work together and stay safe while having fun!

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