Lessons & Training

Lessons & Training


Riding lessons with Insight Equine are not discipline specific. Students are provided with individualized instruction that addresses their needs and goals. Many students chose to invest in weekly, hour long lessons while some prefer to enjoy long format (2-3 hours) instruction as needed. While we do offer inclusion in our Island of Misfit Toys Show Team, competition is not a requirement in our program. 

All students are taught the classically correct principles of balanced seat and centered riding. This approach builds a solid foundation to go in any direction whether it is competing over fences, studying classical dressage or riding trails with confidence and relaxation. 

All students are required to learn basic horse care and the practice of building a partnership that is based on trust, communication and respect. Students take lessons in groundwork, liberty, stable management, equine health nutrition and anatomy as well as rider symmetry and biomechanics.


Chiara and Zak are avid attendees of riding clinics with masters from the horse whisperer to grand prix dressage trainers and show jumpers. They encourage students to ride in clinics and are always excited to continue their own education and professional development.

Insight Equine has a unique and passionate approach to horse training. Chiara has years of experience working with young horses and specializes in off-track thoroughbred rehabbing and retraining. She works alongside her husband, Zak Maytum, who helps horses work through their trouble areas such as trailer loading, ground manners, postural imbalance and attitude under saddle. 

Our Services include halter starting, colt starting, mustang gentling, problem-solving, discipline-specific education, and mental and physical rehabilitation for the horse.

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