Circles of Influence

Circle of Influence

Our approach of Holistic Horsemanship stresses the importance and value of proper care in all areas of the horse’s life:

Species Appropriate Living Environment
Individualized Nutritional Program
Balanced Hoof and Dentistry
Correctly Fitting Tack
Rider Equitation

It really does take a village and we are so grateful for ours! 

Dr. Diane Wagner is the point person of the Insight Equine Healthcare Team. Her knowledge, experience, and hands-on alternative approach have helped countless cases with our horses and those of our clientele. We love her and cannot recommend her enough!

Doctors Jamie Yurek and Grant Finley are the trusted veterinarians of Insight Equine and most of our clientele. Whether we need middle-of-the-night emergency care, general checkups, prepurchase exams, or anything else under the sun, the Vetwerx team is always there for us. We can't live without these guys!

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Sydney Burton is our #1 recommended equine dentist. We cannot stress enough how important whole mouth balanced dentistry is to your horse’s physical and mental well-being. We love you Syd!

Anne Bailey is an integral member of our equine healthcare team! Masterson's Method has changed our horses' lives in so many ways and there is no one we trust more to handle our herd than Anne. Her experience as a competitive rider and understanding of equine physiology gives her an edge to bodywork that we deeply value. Thank you for everything you do for us, Anne!

We are so fortunate to have Michele here on the Front Range to help us keep our bodies, our horse’s bodies, and even our dog’s bodies feeling their best! Michele is a wealth of information and takes the time to educate her clientele. Thank you, Michele!

While Zak and Chiara have enjoyed a long standing relationship with GEMS, we are thrilled to announce that Zak has joined the GEMS Branded Equine Network! Thank you Michelle for all the work you put in to helping our national treasures find their places in the world with humans.

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